From the first buds of spring to the chilly evenings of autumn we try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Rather than climb mountains or don our hiking boots we like to mow the lawn and have friends over. We have collected a range of 'toys' to help us enjoy ourselves and have built up quite an expertise in BBQs. Over the years we have owned wood, charcoal and gas ones and currently have 5 (yes 5) in regular use with our eyes set on a new one that we hope to bring to this store in the near future.

We have never found any great BBQ outlets in Cheshire so when the opportunity arose we decided to setup our own. We plan to source quality products that we would like to own and in many cases do. Rather than selling a huge range of stock that makes finding anything difficult we plan to offer only the best products in a range. Our goal is great service at competitive prices. We don't have retail premises which means we can keep our overheads low and pass this on to you. While we are based in Cheshire the power of the internet means everyone can benefit from our great prices. This website is run by Craig and Neil.

If you would like to meet us - we do intend to put on some demonstration events at shows and other locations - watch this website for more info.  For serious customers we can arrange demo's at weekends by prior arrangement.

We have a landline on 01270 618257 but we live by email - mainly on iPhones and will respond to emails as soon as possible and so this is the best way to contact us.

Orders placed with us will be passed on to our suppliers same day or next working day if a weekend unlike some outlets we have been customers with. Our website is fully automated and you will recieve email updates thoughout the sale cycle.

If you would like some advice on what to buy get in touch.

Please note - as a new business with low turnover we are not currently VAT registered. This actually helps us pass on lower prices to our customers. We do pay VAT on the stock we buy (which we cant claim back). At the moment our invoices do state VAT but no VAT number. This is because the advice we have had states that if we go over a certain turnover threshold we may have to retrospectively register.